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Changes to how you access Canberra Blues Society online

1 Sep 2023 3:34 PM | Patrick Keogh (Administrator)

Changes to how you access Canberra Blues Society online

... and it will have direct benefits for you, our members!

Why are we changing?

The tools that we use to administer the Canberra Blues Society, for membership, events and so on have not changed markedly as we have grown from our much smaller beginnings to where we are today. Spreadsheets, an individual’s DropBox account and so on are showing the signs of strain in providing support to our membership and in the running of significant numbers of large and successful blues music events.

What are we changing?

We have commenced the implementation of tools that are better suited to the way we need to work. These are Google Workspace for non-profits and a Member Management System called WildApricot.

  • Several key components of Google Workspace (Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar) will provide better information management and communications for committee members (and will allow you to communicate with the committee).

  • WildApricot will be used to manage memberships and renewals, events and ticketing, merchandise sales and more.

Although the main motivation for this change is to make administration easier, quicker and more secure, there will be direct benefits for all members.

When does all this happen, and what will I notice?

We are about to “go live” with our new web site. Here is what it means for you…

  1. The web site will still be there. Everything you could do there before you will still be able to do.

  2. You may notice some small differences to the “look and feel” but in general will look much the same.

  3. You will get an email telling you how to log into the web site, so that you can get all the online benefits of being a member (see below). This email will signal that the new environment is “live”.

  4. You will get additional emails about features like the phone app which you may choose to use (but you don’t have to).

If you log in as a member (don’t worry, you will get clear instructions about how to log in), you will get…

  • An online merchandise shop where you can buy our hats, shirts, CDs etc. and automatically get your member discount.

  • Easier purchasing of tickets to CBS events, with your member discount applied automatically.

  • The ability to renew your membership online with membership renewals on the anniversary date (so no weird different payments depending on the month of the year). You will automatically get a reminder when your membership is about to expire.

  • No more need to carry your membership card. You will get one electronically which you can print or store on your phone. Your choice.

  • Ability for you to update your own contact details including address and email so you can stay in touch as you move.

  • An app for iPhone and Android which will allow you to buy tickets and quickly check in on arrival for an event and more.

  • An enhanced band directory so you can easily identify and contact bands that support the Canberra Blues Society.

  • Better online access to Blues News and other information that we produce.

Last word

This is a big deal for CBS. Your committee is having to learn new skills and tools in order for us to provide better service to you, our members and to be able to handle a growing membership and more events without undue strain on our resources. When you see these changes arriving, we’d love your feedback and of course we are ready to assist you through the process of getting used to the new environment!

You can always contact me (Patrick Keogh, the Digital Media Officer) with any comments, questions, suggestions or complaints using email to



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